VIDEO: Motorcyclist Rams Missouri Cop Car During Wheelie, Pays Dearly For It

Feb 4, 2014 at 8:45 am
click to enlarge This hug is going to hurt. - Youtube
This hug is going to hurt.

There's something about a wheelie that turns otherwise regular people insane. We thought we'd seen the limits of that insanity when Streetfighterz (a.k.a "St. Louis' Original Stunt Team") member "Sitdown" Steve Jones rode a wheelie for miles without a front tire.

Let's just say that the bar has been raised.

As demonstrated in the following video uploaded to YouTube last week, you aren't a real wheelie master until you've smashed into the back bumper of a cop car.

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The incident occurred during a large group ride in June 2013 on Interstate 70 near the Missouri side of Kansas City, according to The Kansas City Star. The ride was planned as a memorial for two motorcyclists who had died recently. Apparently, a group of around 40 bikers had blocked up part of the highway to pull tricks, attracting the ire of highway patrol. (Sound familiar, St. Louis?)

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The proliferation of Go-Pro helmet cams produced a few angles of the wheelie-on-cop action. The first clip to hit YouTube (which now has 500,000+ views) came from a rider following close behind the one who crashed.

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After crashing, the biker attempted to fight the very-pissed-off cop and even swung his helmet at the trooper's head, according to The Star, which cites police reports. None of the videos clearly show this altercation, but the newly released point-of-view angle does clearly show that getting taken down by an angry cop is not something you want to personally experience.

Here's another angle from another Go-Pro helmet cam.

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We reached out to Streetfighterz cofounder Adam Hunziker, who told us the rider spent a couple months in jail and is currently in desperate financial straits due to mounting court costs.

The rider approached Streetfighterz member Guru Khalsa and sold the footage to the St. Louis stunt group, which frequently buys up video clips of other riders' stunts and adds the Streetfighterz branding and editing.

Apparently, the rider now is trying to sell his story (and presumably his identity) to local news outlets to help offset his court costs.

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