VIDEO: Scared Lil' Josh Hawley Ran Away From January 6 Riot

And then everyone laughed at him

Jul 21, 2022 at 9:31 pm

There is video of Missouri Senator Josh Hawley running away from the riot at the Capitol and it debuted tonight in the January 6 hearings.

Hawley became a symbol of the January 6 riot at the Capitol when he was captured in a photo raising his fist as a gesture of support to rioters. He loves his photo so much that he’s still using it on his merchandise even though he doesn’t own the copyrighted image.

He must think this one photo of him raising his scrawny arm makes him look brave and strong, but tonight the whole world found out that he’s anything but a tough guy as we watched him sprint away from the scene on video.

Representative Elaine Luria (D-Va.) introduced the video by talking about Hawley’s famous fist picture and how it was taken as rioters were already amassing at the security gate.

“Later that day, Senator Hawley fled after those protesters he helped to rile up stormed the Capitol,” Rep. Luria said, “See for yourself.”

Then they played the clip.

And then it somehow got even worse for lil’ Joshy.

Not only did the whole world see him running like Wile E. Coyote on outta there with his tail between his legs, they all couldn’t help but to laugh at him.

Check out this clip of everyone laughing at the clip inside the hearing:

How mortifying. Instead of being a macho man, Haul-ey was caught hauling ass out of there like the place was on fire. He was running like a soon-to-be victim in "Friday the 13th." He was running like a big dog was chasing him. He was running like he was trying to win a gold medal.

But maybe he didn’t bolt because he was so scared he was about to tinkle his Huggies? Maybe he wasn’t running because he needed his mommy? Maybe he wasn’t a scared little baby at all?

Maybe he just felt like running?

Yeah, that must be it.