Video: The Gerald, Missourah Drive-By Windshield Tour

Jun 9, 2009 at 5:54 pm
Just published is this week's feature story, "Hornswoggled," which focuses on the bizarre life and cons of one Bill Jakob, who fooled -- for a while at least -- the town leaders of Gerald, Missouri into thinking he was an FBI agent. Jakob busted down doors without warrants and shoved guns in the necks of those he suspected were meth-cookers and drug users. Admittedly, town leaders say the rouses like Jakob pulled are nothing new, there's even an Andy Griffith Show episode about crooks posing as cops. But Jakob's cons go back before he arrived in Gerald, a Midwestern town not all that different from the fictional Mayberry.

Get a feel for the town -- population 1,200 -- in our short windshield tour.