Video: Watch MODOT Make a Bridge Disappear in 30 Seconds

Jul 16, 2014 at 11:50 am
...for some time-lapse destruction porn?
...for some time-lapse destruction porn?

Demolitions are part of daily life for the hardworking folks at the Missouri Department of Transportation. Sure, they can try to preserve or repair aging infrastructure, but sometimes they can't. Sometimes obliterating the old and broken is necessary, and from the rubble emerges a better, safer place for people to travel.

Then again, demolitions also look really, really cool.

Case in point: the Route B bridge over Business Loop 70 in Columbia. It was there on Friday, and by Monday it was gone. Erased. Lucky for us, MODOT captured the entire proces on a time-lapse video, shrinking a weekend's worth of work to 30 seconds.

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Not all old bridges meet the same fate as the recently departed Route B bridge. MODOT has been trying for years to offload a handful of historic bridges, but only recently turned to the Web to attract potential bridge-takers.

Karen Daniels, a senior historic preservation specialist at MODOT, says she's received calls from all over the country since it began advertising in March to give away two bridges that span the Missouri River in Platte County. Unfortunately, all serious offers have fallen apart so far. The website now features six available bridges, five of which are eligible to be listed on National Register of Historic Places.

If you are the bridge-saving type, all you need is a detailed plan -- and the cash -- for the bridge's deconstruction, removal and relocation. If no one comes forward, MODOT will eventually be forced to send these marvels of engineering to bridge heaven.

So pour one out for the Route B bridge, Daily RFT readers. It lived a good life, for a bridge, and its death was undeniably awesome to watch.

But if you happen to have a bunch of construction equipment lying around with nothing to do, we know of a certain five-span, 1,009-foot-long bridge that's looking for a good home.

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