Videotaping Cops Case in Portland Shows Differences From Brett Darrow Case Here

Sep 18, 2008 at 10:12 am

Remember Brett Darrow? He was the St. Louis man who videotaped St. George police sergeant James Kuehlein while the officer was giving him major league shit during a traffic stop.

After the September 7, 2007 incident, Darrow put the tape online, vindicating the gripes of everyone who's ever been pulled over by an angry officer -- and spurring debate about whether the cocksure 20-year-old was being a smart ass. The tape and its aftermath also resulted in Kuehlein getting fired. And to a greater degree, many questioned why the tiny, speed bump municipality of St. George -- population 1,288 -- even existed.

"I wanted everybody to see that this kind of stuff does happen," Darrow told KSDK at the time. "I thought if I just go to the chief or whatever, it would just get swept under the rug."

Who doesn't remember this line, shouted by Kuehlein: "Do you want to try me young boy? Do you want to try me tonight, young boy? Do you want to go to jail for some fucking reason I come up with?"

Darrow's secretive recording of the incident was legal because in Missouri, only one person needs to have consent to record a conversation between two people.

That's not the case in Portland, Oregon, where a man was ticketed after he videotaped two Portland cops "rousting two men," in the words of the Portland Oregonian.

Here's the video in question: