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We announced the Music Award nominees. Not everyone was pleased.

Apr 18, 2007 at 4:00 am

News Real, April 5, 2007

Study Haul

Look for us behind the headlines: I just read Tom Finkel's article "No News Is Good News," about Professor Donald Shields' "study" that purports to show political bias in federal investigations. While that outcome would not be surprising (the Democrats, when in office, are also particularly adept at using the federal government to punish their enemies), I applaud the Riverfront Times for actually going behind the headlines and asking the tough questions about the study.

Mr. Finkel's research demonstrates how the study criteria are just inane and prove nothing. I hope that is not what passes for valid research techniques on college campuses these days. A mention in any article about an investigation equals being the subject of an investigation? What type of validity does that present?

Mr. Finkel's observation that New York Times columnist Paul Krugman's conclusion that prosecuting crimes is harassment might not be valid was astute. I would also add that I don't necessarily agree with the underlying assumption that Shields' study is based upon — that Democrats and Republicans are equally corrupt. While Democrats may not be four times as corrupt as Republicans, that they are no more corrupt can't just be assumed. Maybe the reason that they are being investigated so much more is because they are actually more corrupt! If so, the federal investigators should be applauded for their diligence.
Jay Kirschbaum, Chesterfield

A to Z, April 5, 2007

If Nominated...

Vote for Irene! Whoa. Uh, will the academy allow me to decline my nomination? I'm not ungrateful; it's just that I can't stand the RFT. The feeling must be mutual, since all you've done is write condescending reviews about how every project I've ever been involved in writing, composing, acting or singing would be endearing...if it didn't suck so much. Don't know what they are? Imagine my surprise. (Even when declaring us "Best Country Band" in 2005 you described the Round-Ups three years before when several of us weren't in the band. As a matter of fact, the only members specifically cited were long gone.)

I am blessed to be surrounded by incredibly talented people. They work hard for what they create, only to be ignored and trivialized by your trite little scene monkeys. So continue to tell the emo Loop infesters to spend their parents' money at someone else's show. There are those of us who won't wait with our tongues up your ass for another of the day-old brittle bones you've been throwing.

Thanks to everyone who put my name down; seriously I'm still aflutter, but fuck the RFT.
Irene Allen, St. Louis

Feature, March 1, 2007

Immigration Man

Give her a raise already! This is my second letter. I enjoyed reading Kristen Hinman's "Valley Park to Mexicans: Hasta la Vista, Baby!" and the March 15 follow-up, "Taco Whoever," and I am not surprised by the response of city hall.

I think you opened quite a few eyes and made a few others wince, but I still say the article was well written and unbiased.

I am serious this time: Kristen needs a raise!
Mallory Box, Valley Park

Quit blaming the Americans! Martha Rodriguez believes the Minutemen are akin to the KKK. What a statement! She is completely un-American. Has she ever heard of the Battle of Lexington? The present Minutemen are still protecting us (mainly at the borders).

Which brings me to this: Why do people of Spanish descent always point the problem of illegal aliens to us "bad Americans"?
Paul Brown, St. Louis

Nick pledges allegiance to Valley Park: I am a citizen of Kirkwood, and I uphold the right of the elected leaders of Valley Park to act in self-defense to protect their citizens. Before that tragic day in September, the perpetrators of 9/11 came to our cities. They looked like law abiders, but they were not. They rented places to live as normal. They patronized businesses as normal. But they were not normal. Since 9/11 we have learned that the federal government knew about them, knew about their tactics and even knew many of their names. Still, this government, whose duty it was to protect Americans, for whatever reason turned a blind eye.

By leaving our borders open, even to terrorists, the federal government ignores current law and again facilitates the millions of aliens with unknown intentions who freely cross our borders.

We invite people from around the globe, of every color and culture, to come legally to America. We welcome law-abiding immigrants to share in our bounty. We even celebrate their traditions: St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo. We have established laws that say you cannot discriminate against them, and we don't. By law they are part of us, in every state, every town, every community, every church and every school.

Those who come here illegally understand all of this. They choose to take advantage of our generosity. They choose to violate our laws; they carry false documents. They come to our table intending to steal the food. They ridicule our generosity.

What they do not understand is that we only welcome immigrants who follow our laws and swear allegiance to our flag. In America we applaud the law-abiding, and we punish the lawbreaker.

We are not intimidated by those who, without legitimate argument, resort to pejoratives and call us racist. For private gain, they would compel us to welcome lawbreakers into our communities, to employ them, house them, even to give them citizenship.

History reveals that foolish enemies of our self-governing nation risk all by threatening us and our freedom. No one should doubt that our course is honorable, our position clear. We, the law-abiding citizens of the United States, publicly pledge to be "one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Nick Ivanovich, Kirkwood