Wait: Somebody Was Murdered In That House? Sold!

Mar 10, 2010 at 11:05 am
click to enlarge Now, will the dishtowels be included in that price? - Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
Now, will the dishtowels be included in that price?
Today's Suburban Journals recounts the story of Dave and Amy Rhymer, a couple in their late twenties who last fall got a real steal on a Collinsville home that was the site of a "grisly" murder.

The couple was initially clueless to the house's history -- but put in an offer as soon as they found out about the stabbed corpse that had been found underneath a tarp in 2007. 

The fact that the sellers warmed to their offer -- $20,000 off the asking price -- wasn't the only benefit.

The place came furnished, too!

OK, so the Rhymers may be charming, but perhaps not the best subjects for the moral of this story: What the SJ means to say is that neither Illinois nor Missouri require home sellers to disclose the fact that their humble abode was the scene of a ghastly crime

Anybody sniff a reality-show concept here?