Walgreens To Soon Stock the Ultimate Drug: Booze

Jan 20, 2010 at 8:00 am
click to enlarge Add to those bargains beer and wine.
Add to those bargains beer and wine.
This blogger still recalls when Walgreens outlets in St. Louis had their own liquor departments separated from the main store with turnstiles to keep the kiddies out.

Then suddenly, a decade or so ago, Walgreens abruptly stopped selling booze. Rumor had it that the Mormon Church had purchased a large chunk of Walgreens stock and disapproved of the alcohol sales. (A Walgreen's spokesperson tells Fox 2 St. Louis that rumor isn't true.

Whatever the case, Walgreen's is now back in the alcohol business. The Chicago-based retailer is applying for liquor licenses throughout St. Louis to sell beer and wine -- no hard alcohol.

The St. Louis County Council recently awarded licenses to five Walgreens in unincorporated areas of the county.

The drug store is applying for licenses in the city as well but may have a tougher time getting approval. Dogtown alderman Bill Waterhouse recently submitted a bill that would curb any new package liquor licenses in his ward. The legislation seems aimed directly at stopping the Walgreens at Manchester and McCausland from getting back in the booze trade.