Warning: Do NOT Purchase Tickets From Destitute Scalpers at Incredibly Low Prices

click to enlarge Warning: Do NOT Purchase Tickets From Destitute Scalpers at Incredibly Low Prices
Why? Because the tickets are likely to be fake.

Such is what happened to one ignorant unfortunate couple who purchased a pair of bogus tickets for the All-Star Game on Tuesday. St. Louis police report that the incident was the only case they know about in which a scalper passed fake tickets. This from the police:
The victims in the incident state that they bought two tickets for a total of $150 from the suspect and when they tried to use them at the gate were told the tickets were no good.  Police located the suspect and he was arrested. The suspect, who was unkept in appearance and is unemployed, said he'd been approached by a man who promised he would buy him food if he'd help sell tickets. The suspect was unable to provide any further description of the man.

So, let me get this straight. While other scalpers were asking $300-$500 per ticket for the All-Star Game, the victims in this case thought a compassionate bum was offering them a steal with tix for $75 a pop!? Hmm. What is it they say about fools and their money?

In related news, St. Louis police report few other crimes during the five days of All-Star festivities. 

In total law enforcement made 29 arrests over the five days for violations including vending without a license, drug possession, aggressive panhandling, felon in possession of a weapon, domestic assault and theft of a credit card.

Police also report a total of 10 car break-ins related to the All-Star week.

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