Week of February 2, 2006

>"I think a little of Brie's favorite pastime would go a long way towards loosening you guys up!"

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Sex party's at Christian's house! Ben Westhoff's "Aerial Erotica"
was excellent! When will society wake up? Sexual freedom is freedom. Restricting sexuality restricts the human spirit. By restricting sexuality the elite hope to maintain brainless clones that will work in the imperial corporations or die in scam wars. Replacing corporate pornography with artistic performers like Michelle Lindsey increases the freedom of us all. The "ideal" image of a woman is a Barbie doll that all men are conditioned (Pepsi advertisements, etc.) to slave for the elite to gain. We need more independent sexuality and less silicone-enhanced prepackaged corporate smut.

We can all take back our sexuality from the corporate porn merchants by relying less on society for our sexual clues and more on ourselves. Some ideas for increasing sexual freedom: Host sex parties, patronize only independent strip clubs and increase your variety of sex partners. To the elite we are all just cattle. Why not be happy, slutty cattle? Let's build prisons around politicians and CEOs, not around our sexuality. True sexuality is true anarchy.
Christian Peper, Richmond Heights

The show must go online: Great article! Really, very well done. Really brings that profession into a reality that many probably didn't relate to but now makes it seem much more personal. Are the pictures that were in the article (or others taken and not used) available online?
Randy Getz, University City

Boat, missed: While we are happy to see our very own Mademoiselle Mariel on the cover of the RFT, we were a bit disappointed with the sordid slant of Ben Westhoff's story. Unfortunately this story only reinforced some of the negative myths some people associate with burlesque, namely that is primarily erotic in content.

To depict Mariel as "an erotic trapeze specialist" was missing the boat entirely. We have all trained for years on the skills that we incorporate into the routines — singing, dancing, theatrics, acrobatics, comedy and aerial arts. Burlesque does have many faces and manifestations and can employ a variety of talents, such as we display in Albino Alley Cat Revue. But focusing, as the story did, on the stripping and strip clubs was not only a misrepresentation, but perpetuates a stereotype that burlesque is just glorified stripping. Instead of breaking stereotypes, I'm afraid this story just created more.

I hope that readers who are confused will come see the Alley Cats some Saturday night at Rue 13, and learn what truly classy, fun and skilled burlesque is all about.
The Kittens of the Albino Alley Cat Revue: Lola van Ella, Kristiana Krystal, Honey Deelite and Mlle. Mariel, St. Louis


Bob calls bullshit: To Jeremy Essig, Andi Smith, Tom Clyde, Lauren O'Niell and the comedy letter coward: I think you guys take yourselves way too seriously. What almighty cloud do you reside on? We are talking about comedy, for kripes sake! I call bullshit where you say it's not jealousy that made you write to say Brie Johnson was not a good way for the Riverfront Times to spotlight comedy. It was so transparent, a blind man could have read between the lines.

You don't like her jokes or brand of humor; you think there are better comics out there; you know who they are. Comedy has always transformed itself and created its stars from those that expand the envelope, or in some cases, tear it a new asshole. And as far as that goes, I think a little of Brie's favorite pastime would go a long way towards loosening you guys up!

Who knows whether Brie Johnson will get anywhere? Maybe, maybe not. But your letters were so closely worded, it sure sounded like a gang bang to me.
Bob Osterholt, St. Louis

CAFE, JANUARY 12, 2006

Constructive criticism: Regarding Rose Martelli's "86 the Banana Split"
I cannot take any more of this broad. Rose, try and use smaller words since you obviously do not understand how to use them and how to wrap the correct grammar around them. "Me and my fellow customers hunched dejectedly, our countenances glazed-over masks of defeat?" How about "my fellow customers and I"?

If you knew half as much about food as you do opening a dictionary and using words over your head, you might have an enjoyable meal for once. Not all diners are as authentic as the Eat-Rite and Courtesy, and until you have worked a shift in a diner waiting on pain-in-the-ass customers like you, then try a little patience.

It seems you didn't like much about this place, so why did you continue to go back? There must have been something good about it. Or were they just feeding your fat ass for free in hopes of a good review?

To Bethany Buddle: Due to Miss Martelli's review, I will see you for sure!

Please get a new food critic, one whose opinion we can trust.
David Linden, St. Louis

First the bitter, now the sweet: The first encounter I had with Rose Martelli's writing introduced me to Iron Barley. (I wound up working for [owner] Tom Coghill. Great guy.) You may have noted by my address that I no longer reside in St. Louis full-time, but I do follow Rose's work "Internetly." Thank you for enlightening, inflaming and advising me on what is happening with the St. Louis restaurant scene.

As I have explained to other writers, I enjoy passionate writing. My agreement or disagreement with Rose's subject is not important. Continued controversial success.
Mike Emerson, Linn


In Mike Seely's January 26 news story "Strong Safety," we misspelled the name of Richard Berthelsen, general counsel for the National Football League Players Association.

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