Week of November 9, 2005

"Scientology has answers to life's problems."


L Is for Let Us Have It
Take it from the spokeswoman: I am not sure why a Washington University researcher and the superintendent of Hazelwood Schools would care to comment on an organization that they have never visited with or chosen to gain information about [Kristen Hinman, "L Is for L. Ron,"October 27]. I was taken aback to find that the first introduction to the St. Louis community of our organization was not an interview or feature of our many successful programs, but instead quotes from detractors who have no valid information about us.

Here are statements from recent graduates of our educator courses: "Discovering Study Technology at this point in my career/life, I'm able to take the technology back to my middle school classroom and greatly improve study skills for all learners regardless of their levels/abilities." "This course was FULL of useful tools to empower students to learn and master their education." "It is amazing the effectiveness Study Technology has in identifying my students' problems and how quickly they can be resolved when I know what they are, just from what I observe." "Using L. Ron Hubbard's Study Technology in my teaching produces amazing results. My students learn more quickly and retain instead of memorize. The level of interest on the students' part has risen to enthusiasm."

Applied Scholastics International, a nonprofit, nonreligious organization, has as its mission the delivery of effective educational services and published materials which are based on the educational breakthroughs of author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. These teaching and learning methods are collectively known as Study Technology; as a body of work it reflects current research on how people learn best and how students can utilize that knowledge in real world applications and solving of problems. The interactive learning strategy, concepts, tools, skills and teaching techniques provide real solutions to creating students who can comprehend their academics and who can use their subject matter to further their education and life goals. Because they know their subject matter, they achieve higher standards and better grades, thus assisting teachers and administrators to achieve the mandates set forth in state and national standards more easily.

Study Technology as an application allows students to become more responsible and accountable as students while teaching them strategies to help them be able to think, learn, utilize reasoning and develop more of their potential throughout their entire lifetime. Educators trained in Study Technology have stated that their students learn faster and can apply what they learn. Inability to follow directions, dropout, lack of cooperation and other problems disappear.

Our doors are open to anyone six days a week to tour and find out how Study Technology can be used to further their goals.
Mary Adams, spokeswoman
Applied Scholastics
Spanish Lake

Take it from the state representative: I read your article on Applied Scholastics and feel it my duty as a public steward to respond. I have visited with them and examined their teacher-training program and remedial-education program in depth. I found that they share a genuine caring for our young people and what is happening to student progress due to a lack of real workable learning techniques. I examined their history and statistics, which show tremendous growth and success within schools, tutoring centers and community programs using these techniques.

We have a big job to do in bringing our children back to a level of competency and proficiency. Help is needed. We cannot afford to name call and cast suspicion on those who are doing something that works. If others do not wish to help they should stay to the side and remain silent. If they do wish to help they should lend a hand and train as tutors or mentors and then volunteer where needed.
Juanita Head Walton, Missouri State Representative
District 81
Black Jack

Take it from a Scientologist: L is for Lousy Reporting in this case. It amazes me that no true research was done by Kristen Hinman. All she did was regurgitate opinions of so-called experts who also did not take the time to research the subject matter. What eludes everyone in all of this mud slinging is that fact that Study Technology works!

I have been a Scientologist for seventeen years for one reason only: It has answers to life's problems that work, and one of the biggest problems we have facing society today is education. I don't care who made the discoveries. It could have been any[one]; it just happened to be L. Ron Hubbard.

So get past your ignorance and biased opinions and start using reason. First of all, Applied Scholastics is not a Scientology organization. It does use the Study Technology discovered by L. Ron Hubbard for these reasons: It improves individuals' ability to learn and increases their intelligence. That is what we want for our children. Isn't it?
Jim Little

Touretzky reloads: Mary Adams calls me "loony" because it's easier to fling insults than refute my arguments. To wit: Of the nine methods of "word clearing" found in Study Technology, four require use of the Hubbard Electropsychometer, a quack medical device to be used only for spiritual counseling by trained Scientology ministers.

Study technology also teaches that each of the three barriers to study is accompanied by specific physiological reactions, such as feeling "spinny" (for "lack of mass"), or suffering a sort of nervous hysteria (for misunderstood words). These claims by Hubbard are unsubstantiated by any research, and like Dianetics, scientifically unsound. They are meant to be taken on faith. What Applied Scholastics is selling has no place in the public schools.
David S. Touretzky
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University

Owing to an editing error, Joseph J. Kuciejczyk's October 26 letter to the editor mistakenly dubbed Thomas Jefferson "an atheist." Jefferson was a deist.

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