Weinstein Co. Doesn't Take Kindly to "Inglourious Backes" T-Shirt Design

Feb 24, 2010 at 9:10 am
The "Inglorious Backes" T-Shirt design, which touts Blues forward David Backes' on-ice muscle, was a hockey blog favorite until filmmakers The Weinstein Co. contacted the online retailer selling the shirts and told them to yank it from their site.

The T-Shirt in question. Its maker is looking for a new printer.
The T-Shirt in question. Its maker is looking for a new printer.
Hockey fans are a persistent lot though, and Nicholas Maggio, the idea-man behind the shirts (which we told you about in this blog post last week), says he has now found a local printer to make the shirts. Maggio says by e-mail that the tees were pulled from Zazzle.com because they infringed on the "wordmark" of the Inglorious Basterds movie.

What say you readers, does the Weinstein Co. have a legit gripe here? The logo from the Basterds movie is after the jump:

The Inglourious Basterds logo from the movie poster.
The Inglourious Basterds logo from the movie poster.
"They took it down sometime (February 16) and I contacted them and they said the people over at Weinstein Co. had taken issue with the the 'Inglourious' wordmark," says Maggio in an e-mail.

Springfield, Missouri-based screenprinters Rina Wear (makers of the "It Ain't Right 'Till It's Wainwright" shirt) have stepped in to print the shirts for customers who want them, says Maggio. He also sends this link, where you can buy the shirts.

Maggio, a 25-year-old Metro East native, graphic designer by trade and now resident of Appleton, Wisconsin, says he still catches the Blues on TV occasionally and follows the team through various hockey blogs, including -- he names drops one -- Puckdaddy.com. Coming off Sunday's epic win over Canada (in which Backes achieved an assist for Team USA), demand might grow for these shirts as the Olympics carries forth.

Sidebar: Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds movie title is a take off the 1978 war movie The Inglorious Bastards. So much for originality.

Back to hockey, the Blues play Switzerland today. Might be a good day to call-in sick and watch some hockey, eh?