Welcome Christmas: Camel Takes a Tumble at Florida Pageant Rehearsal

Dec 10, 2010 at 2:25 pm

'Tis that marvelous season when live animals appear in churches to help re-enact the birth of Baby Jesus. Behold what happened last night during a Christmas pageant rehearsal at the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach, Florida, when a camel named Lula Bell practiced kneeling in adoration before Our Lord:

The Palm Beach Post reports that neither Lula Bell nor her rider (who was portraying one of the Three Wise Men) nor any of the 300 audience members was hurt.

Although Lula Bell is a professional -- she was on loan to the church from Animals in Motion, a company that trains animals to appear in movies and at parties -- she has been fired from the pageant for her clumsiness. Pastor Chuck Lewis, the pageant's director, told the Post that he is now having second thoughts about the other animals in the cast. The fate of a donkey remains uncertain, but the sheep and lambs should feel secure in their roles.