We've Been Booked

Feb 13, 2009 at 2:24 pm
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This RFT's own Aaron Schafer is a contributing writer in this year's Maple Street Press Cardinals Annual 2009, the pre-season guide to this year's St. Louis Cardinals.

Schafer, who also writes for Viva El Birdos, joins VEB founder Larry Borowski, and Deadpsin founder and Cardinal fan Will Leitch in the book. All three write on the Cardinals' outlook this year.

From the publisher's description:

  • Will Leitch on the Cardinals transition from Whiteyball to Moneyball and why all Cardinals fans should be on board.
  • A look at where Pujols's incredible 2008 MVP campaign slots in with all the other Cardinals MVPs. Top 10? Top 5?
  • While the Rick Ankiel story is inspiring, he has had some issues hitting in clutch situations. Larry Borowski goes behind the numbers to determine if he's likely to improve.
  • There's no doubt that the Cardinals have had great success in the 2000s so far, but Aaron Schafer of The Riverfront Times wonders what could have been.
  • Kyle Lohse was certainly a discovery in 2008. See if he can keep it up in 2009 and just how much credit Dave Duncan should get for the success of the Cardinals' pitching.
Congratulations to Aaron, who's been writing for The Rundown since April 2008. He's also had two pieces in the dead-tree edition of the RFT; recently we published a localized version of how former Cardinal Larry Bigbie unearthed a steroid scandal and another piece last year, a preview of the Cardinals' 2008 season.

We've always known what a talented writer we've had, and we're happy -- though not surprised -- to see his continued success. Congrats, Aaron.