WGNU Sale: The Addendum

Say what you will about WGNU (920 AM)'s new owner Burt Kaufman and his decision to turn the talk-show station into a Christian-music channel. The man is not a religious zealot. That is, he's not like the Taliban. Kaufman embraces technology, especially the Internet, e-mail, scanners and Adobe Acrobat.


What's gnu? Not much, what's gnu with you?
What's gnu? Not much, what's gnu with you?

What's gnu? Not much, what's gnu with you?
How do I know this? Because I've corresponded with Kaufman through all these media -- and more -- over the past few days. Our conversation began last Wednesday when I contacted the 75-year-old radio-station purchaser by phone to ask him about the final sale of WGNU. Kaufman told me the station officially traded hands that afternoon. I wrote a short item about the sale and posted it to our blog.

On Saturday Kaufman sent me this PDF attached in an e-mail, asking that I make a clarification to my initial post. While under the station's new format all the weekday hosts at WGNU will lose their shows, Kaufman says they'll be invited to audition for a new evening talk show.

I responded via e-mail to Kaufman that I'd be happy to clarify the blog entry, although I didn't think I misstated any information in the initial item. Further, I asked him why the station had already converted to Christian music when he told me that no format changes would be made for two to three weeks.

Late yesterday I got this response, in which Kaufman apparently printed out my e-mail, penned a reply in longhand, scanned it into the computer, converted it through Adobe Acrobat to a PDF file, and then attached it to an e-mail and returned it to me. Phew! I'm worn out just thinking about it.

Anyway, there you have it. WGNU has changed ownership. The former hosts are invited to audition for the new evening show and, so far as I know, no other decisions have been etched in stone.

-Chad Garrison

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