What Are Your Thoughts Mostly About?

Week of September 12, 2001

Jennifer Tretter
Delmar Restaurant & Lounge

"I think about money, cats and the Velvet Underground, in that order -- also my mortality, because a friend is dying."

Jorge Diaz
General Manager, Peruvian Deposit
Insurance Corp., Lima, Peru

"I'm always looking at maps and thinking about all the fantastic places I could visit. I am also trying to grow professionally, but there are still many places I haven't seen, so I'm always thinking how can I spend the rest of my life traveling around the world without having to worry how to get the money to do that."

Kathleen Ross
Producer, April Is My Religion
"Now that I'm married, I don't think about sex as much, because I know I'm gonna get it, so I'd say my main thoughts are about food -- what I want for dinner, lunch or breakfast. I think about pasta with cream sauce a lot. I weighed about 50 pounds less until I started thinking about cream sauces."

Wendy Sills
Chair, Redheaded League
"How short life is. And that life is too short to put up with bullshit or friends that are not sincere. You have to appreciate your friends and tell them."

Wesley Fordyce
"The next six to eight hours. My thoughts are the headlights of my soul; the trouble is, I only have low beams."

K.C. Crofts
Blood-Services Coordinator, American Red Cross
"My cat, when I leave her. No. 1, it's very hard for me to leave her, but when I do, I'm wondering, 'Is she bored? Is she sitting in the window looking for me?' I'm wondering about where she's going to barf in the house, because she barfs a lot. And this is the saddest thing: I'm wondering if she's missing me while I'm gone.

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