What Can People Do Instead of Fighting Wars?

Week of September 22, 2004

Sep 22, 2004 at 4:00 am
Chris Washington
Clerk, Vintage Vinyl
"People could focus on interacting with others instead of pre-judging and being so quick to anger. You can work things out better with words than with guns. The main reason that people are ready to go to war and kill one another is because there's a misunderstanding. Nobody really wants to talk and, furthermore, nobody really wants to listen."

Suzanne Modesto
Field Training Manager, Columbia Sportswear Company
"War is a necessary part of our world and, essentially, it's the reason why we can live the way that we live today in America, and, although I don't care for the idea of it, war is what has created the freedom that I live in -- so you have to respect the process for that."

Nick May
Stained-glass Artisan
"Think of all the useful science that's been wasted on war. We could've been to Mars and back three times by now. As far as what else to do? Make love, write poetry, walk your dog more often. What do the Swiss do? They've been on the sidelines for years. Or the Australians? They scrap it up every once in a while, but they all travel. I've run into lots of Aussies who were into the walkabout concept. We could all just start walking about."

Teri Koehler
Hair Designer, Mitchell-JAms Salon
"Stop and smell the flowers, you know? Stop and greet your neighbor for once. I mean, actually get involved with that again, versus the way it is now, like: 'Oh, there's my new neighbors. They look scary; maybe I should stay away,' whatever. You never know what's inside of somebody until you get to know them."

Mark Shark
"I could think of a million things to do besides fighting wars. When I make my list of things to do today, one thing that's not on it is fighting a war, that's for sure. Or taking somebody captive, beheading them, or hurting them in any way. On the other hand, the problem is once Uncle Abe kills Uncle Achmed or the other way around, then you're fucked continually, 'cause all you're gonna do is kill, kill, kill 'til doomsday -- so you got your choice."

Richard "Dee" Musick
Nothing Definite Home & Garden Décor -- Dupo, Illinois
"Bitch about 'em. When I was in Vietnam people complained about the war, but they forget why we went there in the first place, to protect the people in this country. Now I see the same thing in Iraq. Look in the paper and all I see is bitchin', and nobody goin', 'Hey, let's support our guys.' We didn't start the war; we didn't knock down the Twin Towers. They're lucky I'm not president. I'd make 'em all wear panties, march 'em down the street."