What Do You Think About the Dethronement of Mark McGwire as Home-Run King?

Week of October 17, 2001

Oct 17, 2001 at 4:00 am
Stephanie Meyer
Account Executive, Mennen Medical
"Nobody ever reigned as graciously as Mark McGwire. There's just no home runs like McGwire's. They were bigger, stronger, longer -- I would love to know the yardage on his home runs, because in my heart they go all the way to the moon."

Chris Westmeyer
Underwear Model
"There are only two questions: Does he get to keep the highway, and does it devalue his balls?"

Terry Grigaitis
Proprietor, Pop's Blue Moon
"The biggest problem is the inconsistency in field size and no minimum on fence length, so certain players get the advantage by playing in smaller parks. Still, I wish he'd held that record until he retired. To live on that highlight of his career is a good thing. [Barry] Bonds is the best overall player of his generation, and I'd rather see the title go to him, a proven ball player, than some first- or second-year rookie."

Tony Irace
Co-Owner, Packaging Concepts
"Mark McGwire is such a class act and such a good role model for kids, while Barry Bonds has done nothing but act arrogant, shun the press and the whole institution of baseball. Maybe Bonds deserves it from an athletic standpoint, but not from the spirit of the game. Even his own teammates aren't rallying around him."

Maryann Skae
Owner, Paralegal Professionals, LLC
"The bottom line is, hate to see him lose it. He's our hometown hero -- we love him! The things I read about Bonds, he's not a nice guy. Mark McGwire is a nice guy."

Sean Taff
Bartender, Mike Duffy's
"Seeing McGwire's record broken hurts as a Cardinal fan, but Mac's had his day in the sun. There's no shame in his record being broken. He knows that. Bonds is an amazing player -- he's perfect for the title. And what Bonds did may be great for San Fran and the Giants, but it didn't get them to the playoffs. "