What Do You Think You're the Patron Saint Of?

Week of August 20, 2003

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Brenda Russell
Housemom and Produce Huckster
"I'm the Patron Saint of Dirty Laundry. Omigosh, with seven of us at home we do at least four loads a day. Weekends, we slack off on washing because we're all out doing things. These kids, they have like four outfits to get through seven days a week so I have a lot of laundry laying around. But me and the dryer don't get along, 'cause it constantly steals socks. No matter how many loads of laundry you do, there's always at least two socks missing."

Matt Middeke
General Manager, Racanelli's Pizza, Euclid Avenue
"People tell me I'm a sidler, like I tend to sneak up on people but I don't really try to. I do it to everybody, I think, just sidle up behind them real quiet and stealth-like and I scare the hell out of people. So, I'm definitely the Patron Saint of Sidling."

Trent Moeller
President, LifeLong Fitness LLC
"How about the Patron Saint of Leadership Development? I'm on the board of three youth organizations and I think if you catch young people at the right age and expose them to people with insight, sometimes they can learn more about themselves than about what they believe in."

Ryan "Tree" Stockbarger
Antiquarian Curator, Albert Hall Emporium
"I'd like to think that I'm the Patron Saint of Smiles -- smiles and laughter. You've got to be able to smile. If you can't smile, what good are you? When all else fails, smile. It doesn't take any effort and it's free -- that's the way I see it, you know?"

David Amant
Bartender, The Shanti and eBay trader
"See, David -- the original Saint David -- is the Patron Saint of Wales. I am the Patron Saint of Bartenders -- old bartenders. There's still a few of us pouring."

Karen Kelly
Co-Host, "Smash and Karen in the Morning Show," KLOU (FM 103.3)
"I'm the Patron Saint of Carryout because I can't cook."

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