What Extinct Landmark or Establishment Do You Most Miss?

Week of January 23, 2002

Jan 23, 2002 at 4:00 am
Ann Patrice Kennedy
Physical Scientist
"Scotty's Liquors, downtown on Pine Street by the real O.T. Hodge's. They had a beautiful neon sign with two little Scotty dogs, and Scotty's motto was 'Fast nickels beat slow dimes.' An oasis of reason and sanity, open till midnight."

Dennis Jacknewitz
Attorney, Belleville, Ill.
"Jack Scoville's restaurant at the old stockyards. My father used to take me over there when I was quite young, and it was such a unique place -- not just the restaurant, the whole scene -- with the livestock and the auctions and the colorful commission men. You could see St. Louis off in the distance, but you were in a totally separate world."

Shana Pearlmutter
Public-School Art Teacher
"The place that I miss the most is the old Woolworth's downtown on Sixth Street. I used to visit my mom at her work during Christmas break when it was cold outside, and at lunch we would sit in a booth near the window, eating hotdogs and watching the city go by. You could even go out on the street and buy some roasted nuts from a vendor with a cart. That was a great, great experience."

Camille Johnson
Spiritual Advisor
"It's still around, as far as the name: White Castle. But I really miss the original one at Hampton and Chippewa. It was a landmark, and they tore it down to put in a drive-through photo lab. Now that's closed, too. It was such a cute little Castle. What was it about that photo place that they couldn't put it someplace else? They keep tearing down landmarks, taking away St. Louis building by building."

Jaynelle Haynes
Owner, Dogtown Gallery & Frame Shop
"The Arena, just because it was the Arena. There was something about walking through those big doors, something about seeing the Blues win and something about being able to smoke a cigarette in the hallways. I was just at the Savvis Center last night. It's nice and everything, but it's not quite the same."