What Have You Consumed That You Most Regret? (Part 1 of 2)

Week of April 21, 2004

Alexandrea Wood
Freshman, Central Visual &
Performing Arts High School

"The 'pizza pills' from Natural Way health-food store. Really, they're for colds and flu, and they're disgusting! They could be horse pills, and [they're] pure garlic, which means they're hard to swallow and you burp garlic all day. We wanted echinacea root, but this woman sold us on the pizza pill. She said they're really good for you. I think they make you more sick than you were."

Tim Nuell
Corporate Dropout
"It was a big cup of vinegar that I drank because somebody told me it would help me beat a drug test. But I failed the test anyway and then still got hired. It's a miserable feeling, the aftereffects, and if anybody tells you it works they're lying."

Virginia "Pidge" O'Brien
Tupperware Party Maven
"A chicken that still had its head. I got a chicken breast at Popeyes Chicken in Chicago and was picking the breading off the back and something moved. I picked some more and the head, with a little deep-fried beak, dropped down and sort of swung back and forth. And I shoved it back in the bag, trying to keep from vomiting. I was a vegetarian for three years solid after that, no exceptions, not even chicken stock."

Jason Wallace Triefenbach
Singer, the Electric
"The milk of the Chaos Worm. Wondrous insights were gained, but at what cost to my sense of Selfhood?"

Jean Corbett
Bartender, Pat's Bar & Grill
"Ginger brandy. Oh, it was horrible! I was at a bar in Wisconsin where a friend was bartending, and we'd had a little spat, and so he pranked me: 'Jean, I bought you a shot. It's your favorite, Jack Daniel's.' I didn't even think about it. I took the shot, and I spit it all over him. It was the most disgusting thing ever. No, [it was] nothing like ginger ale, more like ginger fire in your throat!"

Pat Rutherford-Pettine
Senior Partner, Sugaree Baking Company
"Peyote tastes pretty crappy unless you dip it in honey -- oh, that was a long time ago!"

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