What Is "Cool"?

(Inspired by the Martell Cognac Billboard Slogan "Beaucoup de Cool")

Dec 1, 1999 at 4:00 am
Lynn Deerfield

"Cool people don't allow others to perturb them. They know their own value; they have their own moral compass. They just do what makes them comfortable. Elvis was cool -- still is -- and so is Johnny Depp. Why are they cool? Their behavior speaks for itself."

Jihee Kim
Art-Education Student, Webster University

"Mod rockers are cool. I like everything from their hair to their pants, their shoes and sunglasses, the way they talk, the drinks they drink, everything. When I think of cool, I think of that whole era -- London in the late '60s. Blow Up is like the anthem of that scene, the epitome of a cool movie. You know what else is cool? The Avengers."

James Bass
Cook, Culpeppers

"It'd be cool if people could accept interracial dating and not judge a person on how they look or who they're attracted to. You go somewhere with a friend of a different race, people look at you funny or talk to you strange. Interracial couple in a restaurant, they get waited on last when they were first up. It happens sometimes, but I wasn't raised that way. Should be no discrimination on either side."

Joyce Grant
Bluegrass Aficionado

"Sometimes it's enough to be cool in your own mind. Johnny Bravo, on the Cartoon Network, is a big, brawny God's gift -- in his own mind. Most women shun him, but he's indicative of the type of jerk I've been attracted to in the past. Also, finding the last roll of toilet paper in a public restroom is pretty cool, too."

Buzz Sutherland
1998-99 College Comedian of the Year

"You don't question cool. Cool is something you automatically sense. Like Mark McGwire -- that guy is cool. A '65 Mustang -- that car is cool. But there's nothing cooler than children. They have no pretensions, no ulterior motives. A child is not going to lie to you. If a child tells you you're fat, guess what? You're fat. In a world of precious little honesty, kids are totally honest."

Morgen Dunn
Former Cosby Kid

"Being yourself, being true to yourself, because there's too many categories to what people think cool is. So you have to figure out what makes you happy, and then you arrive at cool. To me, "cool' is some souped up-word that someone invented for you to feel more pressure, to be like everybody else, and I'm just not a conformist ... if I had to say one thing that would be cool -- kindness."