What Is It About a Total Stranger That You Find Sexually Alluring? Part 2 of 2

Suzanne Fischer
Yoga Teacher/Yogassage Practitioner

"Just a certain unspoken chemistry. If it happens, my body gives me a feeling, kind of like a shiver, and it taps me on the shoulder and says, "Over there, that one.' And when that happens, it's almost always reciprocal."

Bryan Webber
Assembly-Line Grunt

"A strong jaw line and a pot belly."

Lulu Kuykendall
Designer, Hell's Bettys Clothing

"Shoes. Shoes tell you a lot about a person's sensuality. Saw a guy the other day, he had on $300 sunglasses, nice shirt, khaki shorts, and he thought he looked hot, giving us a profile as he strutted past. And what was he walking around in? Black socks and black sneakers. Guys with ugly shoes are probably not good sex partners. If they can't pay attention to footwear, I don't think they have a gift for foreplay."

Rick Eubanks
Senior Shelving Assistant, Washington University Library

"The potential. If I see a good-looking girl, I think about what can happen. What is she like — will she do this in bed, will she do that? Maybe you get a feel she'll do things uninhibited like you would want. It's like you're a screenwriter with a great sex scene and you see this total knockout and you think she'd be perfect for the part."

Mathew Blakey
Construction Worker

"Attitude, the way she carries herself — like, a girl looking down walking along is not that confident; she's worried about what others think. But if she has her nose up in the air like she's studying the birds, you better stay away. You want a girl that looks medium ahead. And real long hair is hot; the longer the hair, the sexier the woman. Like that naked chick in the history books — she was an upscale person. She rode that horse down that street and nobody could touch her."

Derrick Carter
Sales, Best Buy

"It'd have to be the facial expression. She got a nice face, friendly smile, I'd be more likely to approach her. I like the ones I don't know much about — she's wearing T-shirt and jeans, you can't guess whether she's a businesswoman or a plumber, complex or down-to-earth. She doesn't have a title, she's mysterious, a beautiful woman first and ... whatever, second."

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