What Is It You Don't Get? (Part 2)

Week of June 11, 2003

Amy Gregory
Law Student, St. Louis University
"I don't get why I got sick after getting my tongue pierced yesterday. In fact, I don't get my addiction to getting things pierced, but it seems that every couple months I feel a need to pierce something new."

Bryan Duckham
Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Father-to-Be
"I don't get why people don't pay more attention to male sympathetic pregnancy syndrome -- weight gain, moodiness, cravings for certain foods. We're forgotten victims, an under-represented population. I think Dr. Phil should do a show on it."

Josh McKee
Field Guide, Deep Woods Tick & Chigger Adventure, Bourbon, Missouri
"I don't get how the American public buys into shows like American Idol, the whole idea of making some anonymous boob a star. These people, they might be somewhat talented, but basically they're no more than good karaoke singers. They all sound like knock-offs of Britney or Christina or Justin."

Roy Blount Jr.
Author/Humorist/Founder, League of the Singing-Impaired
"I don't get the Bush administration. I don't get why people like it so much. It just doesn't strike me as all that cheering."

Mark Lee
Chef, Ritz Carlton
"What I don't get is our government loaning money to these other countries, helping their people, when we've got people here that are starving, that are homeless, you know, people here who don't have jobs that pay enough to make a living. That's what I don't get, failing to do for your own people here."

Connie Kruse
Barmaid, Griffin's
"I don't get blind patriotism, the way people are so gung-ho about victory [in Iraq] at any expense and they will back it at any cost and they don't want to hear about the atrocities we're committing, as long as we come out ahead. They just don't get the value of human life. It sickens me; it's an aberration of the human spirit."

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