What Is the Golden Rule For Your Gender?

Week of November 21, 2001

Huck Hill
"Always stick together, but get yours first."

Joe Rulo
"Guys don't have many scruples anymore, but, for me, it's 'You never hit on a buddy's woman and never let another guy see you scared -- they'll never let you live it down.'"

Nathan Lewis
Cook/Owner, Big Man's Bar-BQ, Crystal City
"Thou shalt not squeal. Never rat your buddy out."

Jennie Castillo
Public Relations, Troy's on the Park
"Put your feminine products where they need to go. You don't do it in your home, so don't do it when you're out in public. God, women are so unhygienic."

Caron Lee
Image Technician, Wolf Photo
"Do not bother our children or our men. That's the real Golden Rule. We can tolerate other intrusions -- maybe. But our children and our men -- off-limits!"

Terry Armbruster
Server, Weber's Front Row
"The Golden Rule? American Express Gold Card, 24K gold jewelry and a golden penis."

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