What Is the Most Attractive Part of Your Anatomy?

Published the week of August 9-15, 2000

Sahib Hinkle
Intern, Z107-7 FM

"My shoulders. Women like to hang on them. They're heavyweight wrestler's shoulders. These shoulders took me to 10th in the nation, NCAA Division II, Central Missouri State University. I earned them."

Cynthia Koops
Registered Nurse

"The part that I think is the most attractive is the calf of my leg, both calves -- I value them equally. Other people have told me my breasts are the most attractive. Some people are obsessed with them. And they are real -- no augmentation."

Juana Vergara
Domestic Helper

"I like my booty. I like the roundness of it, how big it is, because I'm the only one in the family who has a round butt. My sisters all have flat butts. People make comments, sometimes inappropriate, but I like it when my boyfriend looks at my booty and says he likes it."

Carol Dubridge
Stained-Glass Artist

"Oh, that's easy! My navel. It's probably one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body that you can show in public that you don't have to cover up. Artistically, it sits in the center of your body; all the energy radiates out from it. The rest of your body flows from your navel."

Bob Buscher
Concrete Finisher

"That's a hard question. I never considered any part particularly attractive, but I hope that accumulatively it's an attractive package that would appeal to someone. Meantime, I'm not fooling anybody."

Cheryl Tisdale
Retired Burger-Flipper, Jack in the Box

"My face -- it's the only one I got. And I get compliments -- people tell me that I got a beautiful face."

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