What Is the Most Interesting Thing About You?

Week of March 24, 2004

Shana Amant
Coffee Girl, SqWires Restaurant & Market
"Probably my ability to make people laugh at stuff that is not remotely funny. Like, I tell jokes horribly. I forget the punch lines or tell the story wrong and people still laugh."

John Hearst
President, Riverfront Records
"It's got to be the fact that all my exes are from other countries. Back in high school, my girlfriend was from Greece. My ex-fiancée is from Iran, and my ex-wife is from Bogotá [Colombia]. You know how it is with love -- the chips just fall where they do; there's nothing we can do about it."

Brian Hobson
Senior Designer, Buster's House of Crime-Fighting Costumes
"My brain. There's only one like it. It tells me to do things, and I listen to it. It's the voice inside my head, and it's very interesting."

Karen Rewczuk
Flight Attendant, Ryan International
"I'm double-jointed, and I can bend body parts in unusual ways. It tends to liven up a party. My family all think it's wonderful -- actually, they're disgusted when I do it."

Kelly Kurth
Staff, Campus Crusade for Christ
"I'm from a sheep farm in eastern Ohio, and I go back during the summers to help out my parents with all the work -- the shearing, the docking and castration. You know what I miss? I miss being able to go out in my backyard and not see any lights, only stars, and the peacefulness of the country, just hearing the bleating of the sheep and the howls of the coyotes looking for them."

Henry Black
Fortune Hunter

"The fact that I get up every morning at four o' clock without an alarm clock, and I get out and walk around on the streets and, you know, I find more in the early-morning hours than I do the rest of the day. Like today I found a dollar."

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