What Is Your Deep, Dark Secret? Part 1 of 2

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Julie Wiegand

"No major dark secrets, except I get so bugged when people throw out cigarette butts, speed through yellow lights and block traffic waiting for that close-to-the-store parking space. What, they can't walk an extra 20 yards? 'Fools,' I mutter under my breath. 'They're all fools.'"

Bob Randisi
Author, Blood on the Arch, etc.

"My deep, dark secret is that I believe in reincarnation and in a former life I was Bat Masterson, who was a gunman, a gambler and a writer, and so far in this life I've done two of those and still have the third one left to do."

Jimmy Liu
Stoneware Artist

"Sometimes I am very lazy; I sleep a lot. Even when awake, I daydream everything -- always thinking, always imagining."

Alexis Tucci
Urban Underground Music Producer, That Girl Productions

"I'm out at the clubs, and all night long I'm watching people chew on those stupid glowsticks in the hopes that one will chew through it and be covered with toxic goo."

Jim Rollins
Chief Gnome, Rationalist Society

"None of your business, but it's password-protected on my hard drive."

Ryland Angel
Counter-Tenor, Opera Theatre of St. Louis

"I don't know that we're allowed to have any, really. You get up onstage and bare your soul. You're naked to the audience. You're giving so many emotions onstage, and these aren't everyday emotions ... who's ever had to contemplate killing his wife as an act of mercy? This is what we do every day. I don't think it gets any deeper and darker than that."

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