What is Your Favorite Locally Produced Commercial Product?

Street Talk for the week of April 19, 2000

Apr 19, 2000 at 4:00 am
Micah Rose

"My choice is Mama Lucia's Pizza, because it's made with real Provel and because I like-a that-a mama. She's got such a sweet punim on the package -- reminds me of my own dear mother."

Wende Pearlmutter
Office Coordinator, West End Nursery

"I buy it at Straub's, though I certainly don't mind bellying up to the bar at the Tap Room and ordering it fresh from the keg: Schlafly Hefeweizen served with lemon is a slice of heaven."

Mike Thomas
Buyer, Forshaw

"Goop, the waterless hand cleaner. Mechanics and guys who work with their hands use it a lot. There's not always a sink around, but there's Goop. It cleans; it smells good; it's the working man's friend."

Joy Beckner

"Super Smoker's barbecue brisket. We used to have to go to Eureka to get it, but now they have it at certain Dierberg's. It smells so good and, incredibly, it tastes even better. I'll get 2 pounds of it and it doesn't get home without being nibbled on. There's not a lot of beef that I lust after, but that is one of them."

Kim Moore
Regional Analyst, U.S. Government

"Earthgrains Bread. With offices in downtown Ladue and made by honest, hard-working St. Louisans, it has a wholesome taste and it's probably full of vitamins and minerals."

Fern Soonattrakul
Cashier, PhilMart

"Has to be Purina, because that's what I feed my dogs -- Puppy Chow for the pug and Fit & Trim for the Lab. I bought them from a breeder who was fanatical about it. She gave me lots of coupons and said, 'Be sure to keep them on Purina, no ifs, ands or buts.'"