What Is Your Favorite Sound in the Whole World?

Jan 19, 2000 at 4:00 am
Jason Schneider
Stock Trader

"The sound that Velcro makes when you pull the two strips apart. It's so satisfying, all the little fibers that interact -- that's the sound of accomplishment. Two matching pieces of Velcro -- that's a compulsion."

Lisa Whisler
Physical Therapist, Unity Health Home Care

"I have three boys ... silence."

Mike Dressel
Assistant Stylist, Small & Mighty Films, Phoenix

"The "wah-wahs.' It's the sound that nitrous oxide creates in your head after you leave the dentist's office, go to your car and turn on the radio full-blast. You get the "pings' and the "wah-wahs,' also known as "hippie crack.'"

Kathy Mohead
Independent Housecleaner

"The sound of me screaming during sex!"

Charles Maple
Body Piercer, Rec Club

"Probably the sound of engine pistons -- motorcycle or car -- just the sheer energy of it and the impact it creates. It's beautiful; it makes you stop and think for a second about the world around you."

Brent Evans
Missouri State Representative, 92nd District

"My favorite sound is the sound of airport director Leonard Griggs trying to explain how a delay in the completion of Lambert Airport expansion from 2002 to 2006 is really only a delay of one year."