What Is Your Greatest Athletic Feat?

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Dr. Paul Acker
Professor of English, St. Louis University

"Beating a Chinese person at pingpong. Of course, this was back in grad school, when I was lithe and supple as a tiger."

Tracie Russell
Student, SIU-Edwardsville

"My favorite athletic feat was scaling the cliffs on the southern Oregon coast, climbing 1,000 feet into the air with no gear at all. I did it just to see if I could and to see the sunset over the ocean from the top of the cliffs. It was absolutely beautiful."

Doug Breese
Burger Flipper, McDonald's

"I don't know if it's athletic -- it's more a contortion -- but I can put my right leg behind my head and hop around. I don't do it that often, only when I'm in the mood or want to impress the women, ha ha."

Aaron Hughes
Customer-Service Representative, United Airlines

"I rode my motorcycle from St. Charles all the way to Bisbee, N.D., about 1,400 miles, in one day. It was the first leg of a trip to Alaska. I've thought about doing the Iron Butt Rally, which is a rally they do around the country where you ride 1,000 miles a day for 10 or 12 days. Quite a deal. Riding is the greatest joy of my life."

Vicki Nelson
Cashier, Camp David Gift Shop, Camp David, Md.

"It was back in 1969, setting the school record for the three-legged race ... well, there was another person involved, obviously. You see, I was a real geek and while the other kids were planning trips to Woodstock I had my sights set on the blue ribbon for the three-legged race. That was my claim to fame -- gunnysack in hand and flat-chested to boot. And the record still stands today -- well, as of my last alumni weekend."

John Zappa

"Last week I hit a hole-in-one on the video golf game Golden Tee '99, and I was yelling and nobody turned around to look. It always seems when you do something good nobody's around, but when you do something bad everybody's there; all eyes are on you. Sometimes I think I'm living Murphy's Law."

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