What Is Your Prediction For The Coming Year?

Lynne Reif
Chef, Marché

"My prediction is that those with their heads down will trip over a ladder, so they will know that there is a way out."

Tim Maxwell

"Home rule will be adopted in the city of St. Louis, and the Arch will be relocated to the Chesterfield Valley."

Phil Blahut

"Computer technologies have been great investments, but the fun is about to end. Refocus. Unload high-tech stocks for Y2K. Invest in basic necessities -- food, hardware and life."

Joan Lipkin
Artistic Director, That Uppity Theatre Company

"Arts coverage and support doubles, people break bread voluntarily with someone of another race or class on a regular basis, women's salaries match men's, the integrity of our historic landmarks is maintained, money is poured into the public-school system, abortion stays legal, more people move into the city than leave it, homosexuals are neither gay-bashed nor discriminated against, the crime rate plummets. Wishful thinking? Well, anything significant always begins with a thought."

Sean Beechler
Circulation, Litchfield (Ill.) News Herald

"Well, someone told me the earth is going to fall to pieces, saying that everyone will die, but I don't believe that. I believe everything will go out -- all electricity and power, people wandering around acting crazy. It can happen anytime after Jan. 1. What I'm doing now is getting stuff stored. The year 2000 puts some scare into a lot of people."

Fred Harvey

Assembly, Alpha Plastics
"Nothing, same old stuff -- sun will still rise in the east, dogs still chase cats, politicians still make false promises. I just don't see nothing dramatic happening."

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