What Is Your Remarkable Coincidence?

Week of July 7, 2004

Angelo Iodice
Trick Roper, Circus Flora
"I met a lovely young woman in a New York nightclub. We dated. We actually had a very romantic kiss by the ocean and, later on, we found out we were cousins. Our grandparents were born on this little island in Italy, Ponza, and everyone there is somehow related. And even though we weren't first cousins, we knew by our names that we were somehow down the line related. So we stayed friends, but there was no romantic interest after that."

Catherine Woods
"I'd just moved to Chicago and my car got a flat under the El, and it was cold and loud there and I was having trouble getting the spare out of the trunk, trouble with the lug nuts, trouble working the jack, and right when I was at the point between crying and cussing, this guy walks up in coveralls and asks if he can help. Which he does. I thank him and he goes away. And at the time, there was this new-age book about angels walking among us, and I'm like, 'Hmm, I wonder.'"

"Bumblebee Bob" Kamoske
Guitar/Vocals, Soulard Blues Band
"I was driving around the south side of Milwaukee with my cousin, Jimmy, trying to find the house I lived in as a little kid. Finally we found Fernwood, this tiny house, and I knew it was the one. We're parked out front, reminiscing, when Jimmy says, 'Hey, look at the park across the street.' I looked and saw the name was Ellen Park -- my wife's name is Ellen."

Julie Eckstein
President, STLCalendar.com
"My son and I were at the World War II Memorial in Washington, and there's a station where you can log in to find information on veterans. So we picked a computer and, while waiting in line, we looked over the shoulder of a guy who was entering a name, and it was the same darn name we were going to type. Ended up, his dad, John Lynch, was in the Navy, same as my dad, Tom Lynch. What're the chances?"

Trevor Smith
Stay-at-Home Dad
"The coincidence is the rapper Busta Rhymes has the same name as me, Trevor Smith, except that he's a 'junior' and I'm not. That's pretty funny to me, because a lot of people don't have that name, especially 'Trevor' and 'Smith,' and for someone famous to have my name, that's like...amazing!"

Lauren "Bigfoot" Banis
Vendor, Mondo Monster Truck Rally - Southern Circuit
"Mine is that every single year for the last ten years, I have one weekend from hell, and it always involves a death, a hospitalization and something going wrong with my car. Now last year it didn't involve a death, but I think that's 'cause the year before I had two deaths. It's just really weird, and it hasn't happened yet this year, so I'm kind of nervous."

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