What Is Your Secret Phobia?

Week of November 1, 2000

Chris Venezia
Server, Tom's Bar & Grill

"Somebody using a voodoo spell on me -- and I always think that when something weird happens, somebody's out to get me!"

Paul Dunbar
Painter, Gaslight Square Restoration & Painting

"Snakes. They give me the willies. I can't even go in the snake house at the zoo, and they're behind glass in there. The last snake I saw I was a kid, at the Scout ranch, Beaumont, and it was a copperhead. If I ever saw another, poison or not, I'd probably run. I just can't stand snakes ... me and Indiana Jones."

Connie Hohman
President, Turnstyle Marketing

"My secret phobia? Seeing certain people naked ... and you know who you are."

Steve Beck
Corporate Writer, Buck Consultants

"I've had one since I was a little kid: What if everyone in the world can read minds except me, and my whole entire world is one big conspiracy, kind of like The Truman Show, that the world as I experience it is just a big front, maybe some kind of experiment. It's not true, is it?"

Kasey Bickel
Hairstylist, Hair Suite Too

"Having all my hair fall out and having to wear a wig every day of my life. Or maybe going to the bathroom in a public place and walking out and having my dress all messed up in back, like one side tucked into my pantyhose, or walking out trailing toilet paper and not knowing it. Of course, you'd have to be in a really big hurry for something like that to happen."

Todd Campbell
Technical Writer, Laffey Group

"Old ladies. They can yell at you and poke you, and if you do anything back to them, you're evil. It might just be mean old ladies, but until I get to know them, I'm scared of them all. I think it goes back to when I was a kid, the time me and my brother were hiding in the bushes in this old lady's frontyard and she came out and got right up on us and yelled, "Shoo, shoo! Get off my property!'"

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