What Mayor Slay Says -- And Doesn't Say -- on Twitter

Twitter's cool! Follow me on Twitter and maybe I'll follow you too! We can follow each other! Cool!

We can also follow St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. I try to keep up on Twitter -- you know, a Tweet here, a Tweet there, once in a while a Tweet, Tweet. But I can't hold a candle to the mayor. I've managed, like, five hundred seventy-something Tweets over my Tweeting career.

Slay's got 3,335. Dude's a veritable Tweetin' fool!

Then again, some say it isn't always the mayor who's behind the Tweets on his account. Those same people also say that when you see "#fgs" after a Tweet, you know it was really him.

Here's a recent example of an #fgs Tweet:

The mayor has been Tweeting quite a bit about the U.S. Census lately. And with good reason, right? The census is a pretty dang mayoral thing to Tweet about.

But if you ask me, this particular Tweet -- the one above -- is interesting not for what it says but for what it doesn't say.

What it says is that the citizens of four St. Louis wards are failing to live up to their civic obligation and lagging the pack in mailing in their census questionnaires.

It also calls out those wards by number: 3, 4, 5 and 21.

What doesn't it say?

Well, it doesn't say where those wards are and who calls 'em home.

Here's a screenshot of a city ward map:

And here, courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau, is a snapshot of the distribution across the St. Louis area of, in census-speak, "Persons Who Are Black or African American Alone":

See the legend on the left? Darker green = more African Americans. And where, you ask, might Wards 3, 4, 5 and 21 lie?

Oh, jeez, do I have to tell you everything?

Besides, surely some Tweeps who follow Mayor Slay have Tweeted about it by now...

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