What on Earth!? St. Louis Earth Day Festival is Huge! (Who Knew?)

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click to enlarge What on Earth!? St. Louis Earth Day Festival is Huge! (Who Knew?)
Check out a video of St. Louis Earth Day at the end of this post.

We here at Daily RFT are usually out in the backyard burning garbage whenever the St. Louis Earth Day Festival comes along.

This year was an exception. Someone tricked us into thinking we were going to a livestock auction for hormone-treated cattle yesterday, when, all of a sudden, we ended up smack dab in the middle of Forest Park. And all we have to say is, "Wow! When did the this Earth Day Festival get so friggin' huge?"

We'd guesstimate that around 10,000 people were on hand by 2 p.m. Sunday, checking out the sundry food and merchandise vendors, non-profit organizations and music (on two stages!) that filled the entire grounds below the Muny. And, believe it or not, we didn't catch a single sniff of patchouli all afternoon -- though we did hear the beating of an obligatory drum circle.

All in all, we'll admit to having a pretty good time. Enough -- in fact -- that next April, we may have to reconsider our typical Earth Day routine. 

Below is a short video of the festival we captured on a phone (thus the crappy quality). But it gives some idea of the size of the St. Louis Earth Day. The footage below captures about one-fourth of the event.

Note: The original video published here was blocked with a copyright claim from Warner Music Group. We thought that using a decades-old recording of "St. Louis Blues" was fair game with the music now considered part of the public domain. WMG didn't. Anyhoo, now enjoy the video with an old-timey projector soundtrack courtesy of Free Sound Project
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