What Really Scares You?

Week of October 29, 2003

Alicia Johnson
Sophomore, Soldan High School
"I got a whole list of 'em -- It the Clown, Jason, Freddy, Chucky. But the thing that really scares me? Spiders, 'cause they all got little beady eyes and fangs and loooong legs and they coming out of everywhere and if they land on you they be prob'ly nasty and prickly."

Dave Platt
Itinerant Metalsmith
"Homeland Security. It's essentially fascist oppression without declaring martial law. It frightens me that people can walk in with guns and arrest you for no good reason."

Rita Casamento
Receptionist, Dominic-Michael Salon
"Getting old. I'm 24 and I think it is scary, getting real old, seeing your body change. Your energy runs down, your joints creak and everything sags. And loneliness. Even people who have kids, sometimes they get put in nursing homes."

James Snyder
Owner-Repairman, Discount Vac
"My little girl getting hurt, going to the hospital. That scares the heck outta me, 'cause they're so active when they're three, always into something. You know how they jump on the bed, get so close to the edge, almost fall down and your heart just stops. Fortunately, they're pretty durable. Still, they don't know danger, they're fearless. She's not scared of anything, not even her parents."

Darlene Ledbetter
Proprietor, Isn't It Grand Consignment Shop
"See, I'm not one to get scared. I mean, haunted houses and ghost stories, they don't scare me at all. Though one thing that did really scare me was seeing The Exorcist and knowing that really happened, happened right here, a person possessed by the Devil, and that there's no control over it. Of course, I'm sure I wouldn't be possessed because I'm Christian."

Stacy Wahl
Receiving Person, Vintage Vinyl Records
"President Bush really scares me. He's running our country into the ground, making more and more enemies as he goes."

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