What Stinks the Most?

Week of November 27, 2002

Jeff Freed
Owner, Big Bear Grill
"I'll tell you what stinks, is the sportswriters in this town. You've gotta wonder if any of them ever played a sport!"

Delores Pennington
"The attitudes of some people toward other people. A lot of them are not kind, and others don't stand behind their word or their work. There's this attitude of 'Get what you can.' It's an everyday life event, and that stinks."

Rabbi Samuel Minkes
Cantor/Professional Kibitzer
"What stinks the most is something that can be heard to high heaven -- just as God, according to the Book of Exodus, heard the wail of the Hebrew slaves -- and that would be a virgin in a pigsty."

Tom Eakins
"Death. Death stinks. It takes 36 hours for death to smell -- it's got to sit a while. Only way you can contain rotten death is to put it in a box, and that box has got to be solid. Gas stinks for miles, but death is the thing that'll make your stomach turn."

Mark S. Phillips
President, Bee Hat Company
"It's a three-way tie between old rotting meat, downtown sewer gas and Quarter Man, one of the great downtown characters. The reason they called him Quarter Man -- that's all he ever asked for, 25 cents. Quarter Man knew that all he needed was five quarters to take care of the day's business, a half-pint of no-name vodka."

Maria J. Mathias
Owner, Busy Bee Alterations & Shoe Repair
"When they bring in dirty clothes for alteration -- that stinks really bad when I have to take in the crotch. Dirty clothes are bad, real bad for sewing."

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