What Was Better Than Watching Obama's Afghanistan Speech Last Night?

Dec 2, 2009 at 10:30 am
Sure the president's historic speech last night at West Point was the very definition of eloquence and offered a reasonable rationalization for sending 30,000 troops to war just a few days removed from accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, but the real lesson on war and diplomacy was at the Way Out Club.

The south city bar/club hosted Super 8 Movie Madness 3 -- in which fifteen minute condensed versions of old feature films like Coffy, The Dirty Dozen, and Planet of the Apes are re-shot on grainy, terrible quality Super 8 film and projected on a reel-to-reel for everyone's endless amusement.

It isn't that anyone who stayed home to watch Obama's speech wasted 40 minutes -- no, not at all. Rather, you could have saved yourself the time and watched the Super 8 of the Marx Brothers' classic Duck Soup.

Never seen it? The farce pretty much sums up everything the Commander in Chief said in so many words: "We're (still) going to war!"

Watch and learn the art of diplomacy from Groucho Marx, president of Freedonia: