What Will You Do for $5? Website Offers You the Chance to Boast Your $5 Services

Apr 6, 2010 at 11:45 am
The value of $5 seems to decline as we grow older. A crisp $5 bill in a birthday card represented near infinite possibility (candy? a lot of candy?!) but as we age, it might be just enough to cover "value" meal at a fast food restaurant. Still, the idea of five bucks still carries weight with folks.

With that in mind, Israel-based Fiverr.com offers users the opportunity to post stuff they'll do for five bucks. After the jump, we give this site a test-drive through St. Louis.

It seems that some in St. Louis will offer to send you something from our city (a postcard, a photograph). That sounds fair. But better bargains seem to be offers like this one: a night on the town for just $5. Or the offer to hang up 35 flyers around the city for just $5. The Wall Street Journal profiled the site in mid March. In that article, co-founder and CEO Micha Kaufman says of his site's sudden popularity:
"It turns out," Mr. Kaufman says, "a lot of people out there know how to do cool stuff."
Indeed. Here are some other gems found on Fiverr, which while not tied specifically to St. Louis, might be worth the money to some. Others, not so much.
click to enlarge Great, I've always wanted something in a "philidelphia acsent."
Great, I've always wanted something in a "philidelphia acsent."