What Would You Order in a Vegetarian Restaurant?

Week of December 18, 2002

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Beth Flowers
Circus Performer
"I'd start off with a salad of grass clippings -- make that zoysia grass -- with pesto dressing. Then, for an entrée, I'd have boneless tofu breast with a tempeh gravy. Finally, dessert -- and this is my dream -- three scoops of frozen nonfat organic vanilla yogurt with carob sauce."

Scott Bussen
Former Rodeo Rider
"I like a nice, heaping plate of kelp and an order of hemp waffles with soy syrup, some of that fakin' bacon on the side. But the trick to eating at a vegetarian restaurant is knowing the server well enough to get him to slip you a White Castle when no one's looking."

Tim Lennon
Police Informant
"Probably large-curd cottage cheese and tuna fish from the can. Some saltine crackers and a little Durkee's Famous Sauce -- I could get ripped on that! I'm totally into natural foods."

Carmen Latchison
Nursing-Home Resident
"I'd just get a baloney-and-cheese sandwich without the baloney."

Aaron Cutler
Bartender, Growlers Pub
"Definitely something with cheese, broccoli and portobello mushrooms. But I'm not a vegetarian -- I'm a vag-itarian

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