What's the Last Thing You Mooched Off Someone?

Week of December 12, 2001

Dec 12, 2001 at 4:00 am
Ted Luby
"Coffee and change from the clerks at the courthouse, who are irritated with me because they think I'm a pest."

Mary Powell
Occasional Laborer
"All of it -- cigarettes, clothes, food. Everything to sustain a body. I just look at it as a hanging-out activity, like people going window-shopping without any money. You might be walking down the street, you see someone who looks nice, you say, 'Hi, I'm thinking I sure could use a soda.' Whatever works. It's really called 'professional panhandling.' That's the technical name for it."

Lee Carlson
Network Engineer
"Software to do some kind of analysis. I've got a certain task to do, and I can't get it done easily without this software, and management won't spring for it, so I've got to mooch it from a colleague."

Lea Redmond
Customer Service, Whole Foods Market
"Had to be beer -- from my younger brother. He brought it over to my house to drink, and I told him he didn't need it, that I needed it. So ... I mooched it!"

Al Walker
Utility Cook, Sqwires
"Probably a ride ... or a cigarette. I smoke all mine up before coming to work and mooch off my buddy, Stan, all day. He don't care, and mooched cigarettes taste better, too -- a lot better."

McGraw Milhaven
Co-Host, Morning Meeting/
Total Information P.M.

"The last thing I mooched? As a matter of fact, it was yesterday. I mooched a dollar off Charlie Brennan with no intention of ever paying him back."