What's the Most Annoying Thing About Getting Older?

Week of July 31, 2002

Jul 31, 2002 at 4:00 am
Angela Jacobs, 14
"I don't want to pay for things myself."

Corey Cook, 31
Driver, County Transportation
"Fatigue. Things get rougher as you get older. It seems you don't have time to enjoy anything because you're always working, and then you come home and you're changing diapers. I got pissed in the eye yesterday by my son. First time -- pretty good aim."

Alice Kinsella, 39
"Everything hurts more, and the hurts take longer to heal. You wake up in the morning, and you're so stiff until you have that first cup of coffee. It's annoying not having that limber body I used to have -- or having it at a major price."

Olester Robinson, 61
Freelance Recycler
"I like getting older, 'cause I've only got one more year to go until my Social Security pays off, and then I won't have to be out on the street collecting aluminum cans at 30 cents a pound -- shoot, can't even buy toilet paper with that!"

Andrew Case, 11
Muny Kid
"Having to be responsible for your actions -- like, if you don't do your chores, then you get yelled at."

Charlie Schultz, 45
"From the moment you're born, you begin to die, so that's annoying, to start with. And then there's not enough wild sex, not enough girls that look like Britney Spears and who're built like a brick shithouse ... you know, I think I'm a nymphomaniac."