What's The Most Bothersome Thing About Middle Age?

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Barb Weissman, 39

"It's probably that I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. I went to UMSL for a while; I dabbled in political science and other lofty pursuits. I think I've got three-quarters of a business degree. I'm starting to think that if you just finish your degree in something ..."

Lisa McNabb, 47
Kindergarten Teacher

"Finding a compatible guy to sleep with."

Rick Blacker, 49
Environmental Engineer

"Training all year for the Ironman competition and then coming in only fourth in my age bracket."

Damita Williams, 37
Student, Washington University

"I'm graduating from Washington University School of Social Work -- yes, I've been an undergrad for a long time -- and what is the topic of conversation among those I know? They all want to know, 'Did you get a job yet?' It's like they're saying, 'Time's winding down, girl, you really need to get a job.' That bothers me because you're never too old to get to the job market."

Chris Veremakis, 49
Physician, Intensive Care Unit, St. John's Mercy

Medical Center

"The aches and pains, the little ailments. Things start hurting for no good reason, and they don't get better as quickly. You realize your body isn't quite what it used to be."

Theresa Callahan, 46
Legal Assistant, Mary Anne Sedey & Associates, P.C.

"People calling you 'ma'am' -- or in Mexico it's 'señora' -- and you still feel like a Ms. or a muchacha."

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