What's the Most Money You've Ever Found?

Week of August 4, 2004

Aug 4, 2004 at 4:00 am
Will George
ICU Nurse, St. Luke's Hospital
"I pick up pennies and nickels lying in the street -- it all adds up, money is money -- but a $20 bill is the most I've ever found, and that was on the street when I was back in third grade. I kept it, of course, and went and bought a bunch of candy and gum and chocolate bars and all that good stuff. That was a good day, walking around with a big bag of candy like it was Halloween in July."

Catherine Cathers
Acting Director/Project Manager -- Arts in Transit
"Most of the money I've found has been the same money that I've lost. The latest sum was $50 from a [music] gig that I stuck in the bottom of my boot and then forgot about -- it wasn't so fun to find. It smelled like dirty socks. Occasionally my husband will find a twenty that I've lost, and he happily spends it on me."

Chris D.
Author, Do-It-Yourself Dentistry Made Easy
"A hundred bucks, found it in a convenience mart. It was in a wallet that had an ID in it, but the girl lived in Massachusetts, and I thought that was a little too far to send her back her money...well, the ID got dropped in the mail, but the hundred bucks didn't make its way back."

Ray Brewer
Hoosierweight Boxer
"I was broke, and I was walking along with my head down and thinking I should keep my chin up, and right as I was thinking that I see this waiter's belt by the curb, covered with leaves and shit, and there's a pack of smokes and 45 bucks in it. No ID, but there was a splotch of red sauce and I thought maybe if I tasted the sauce I might recognize the restaurant, but then I said, 'Screw it,' and instead I bought groceries and made spaghetti."

Mona Wright
Noviate, Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Convent for Wayward Souls
"It was a stash of cash under my mom and dad's dresser. [Laughs] They had like three or four hundred bucks under there, but I'd only take a little at a time, and I'd go to Dairy Queen or buy a pack of smokes or whatever with it. Finally, one day, I went to get some more, and it was gone, so I figured they must've caught on."

Hans Bell
Lint and Twine Collector
"I never found any money, but one time at QuikTrip I gave a girl a fifty and she gave me change for a hundred. I got out to the car, looked at my change and thought, 'Whoa! Should I go back in and tell her?' And then I thought, 'Nah.'"