Whats the Zaniest Thing Youve Done on a Dare?

Week of June 9, 2004

Jun 9, 2004 at 4:00 am
Howard George
Projectionist, The Peter Max Psychedelic Theater
"I had sex in front of the UMB Bank in Clayton on a Friday night, right across from police headquarters, on the sidewalk, pretty much in plain view. We were just walking along, coming out of BARcelona, and she said, 'Bet you wouldn't do it here,' and I called her bluff. There weren't a lot of people around, but you couldn't have driven by without seeing us. A few people honked. We're supposed to go back and do it again."

Kara Kopplin
Proofreader, Entomology World
"I was at a party overlooking the Mississippi River, and there was this huge, prehistoric-looking scarab-type beetle, and someone dared me to lick it, and I did. I picked it up and licked it on its head. I had to be careful, you know, because I think those mandibles could've taken off my tongue. But I did get a lot of disgusted looks and some applause, so it was well worth the risk."

Casey Maddox
Bartender, Venice Café
"There was this time at Mizzou: We were hanging around on the porch one night, me and a buddy and two chicks. One of the chicks dared us to take off our clothes and run around. So yeah, we stripped down and ran around the east-campus neighborhood and then ended up hanging out on the porch, getting these two chicks naked too, so it worked out. Everybody was naked, so the dared acted in my favor. We should've got caught."

Mary Cowie
Tour Guide, Bowling Hall of Fame
"We were bar-hopping on a school bus -- [it was] a bachelorette party -- and someone put out the dare to flash these cops driving behind us. And spurred on by Jell-O shots, we lifted our shirts and pressed up against the window, eight pairs of breasts -- on a dare! -- and those cops just drove on by, smiling and waving. Then we went on with the party."

Tim Warren
Chopper-Upper, Frank's Fallen Tree Clean-Up Service
"Jumped out of an airplane. We're sittin' around one day and someone said, 'Let's go do something crazy.' It was cool: You count to three, you jump, then you look up and your chute's tangled. And as you're hurtling toward Earth, you try to remember what they taught you to do to untangle it, and you're thinking, 'Okay, how many seconds do I have to get this done before I pull the reserve chute?' And then your chute opens and it's glorious."

Libby Pogue
Hairdresser, D-Zine Hair & Art Studio
"I had my armpit licked once. It felt funny -- hmm, I don't know if that was my dare or his."