When Was The Last Time You Did Not Respect Yourself In The Morning?

Week of October 3, 2001

Oct 3, 2001 at 4:00 am
Heather Osman
Honorary Cosby Kid
"I had gone to visit my girlfriend in a nearby city and party for the weekend. At the party, there were these guys hitting on us. Later, me and my girlfriend got into a fight, so I got my things and rented a room. Well, those guys showed up at the motel. Then my husband showed up. Things haven't been the same since."

Dustan Hoffman
Arena Football Booster
"It was about three weeks ago in Alaska. I woke up with about seven days of filth on me -- fish guts, bug guts, will-nots [as in, 'will not come off'] the size of Texas on my ass. I knew I should hit the mountain stream, but it was too cold and I just disrespected myself, then and there. It's just the price you pay for living off the land -- it's the only price you pay, too."

Robby Putnam
"It was after a break-up in a relationship when I refused to keep our dog, and the dog ended up going to a better place than with me. But as a consequence, I didn't feel right with myself in the morning. I felt like I'd abandoned a child."

Jerry Sudheimer
One Man Band
"When I got my divorce, I was taking all the blame that she could lay on me. You get up, start studying your conscience and you feel horrible. You do that for about a year, you start talking to others, and find time to get away from yourself. Only then do you start seeing reality and realize it's not all your fault."

Marguerite Palmer
Bartender, Max's, The Radisson Hotel
"I always respect myself in the morning. It's later that afternoon...."

Matthew Gurley
Architect, Oculus Inc.
"I lived in an old house with a mouse problem, and we bought some of those sticky traps. Well, one night I heard one squeaking. Great. What do I do now? I took it out back in a brown paper bag, lined up the hammer, started to swing, and I just couldn't do it. Instead, I put the bag in the trash can. But he's still on my mind the next morning. I can only wonder if he ever escaped. It was kind of a no-win situation."