When Was the Last Time You Saw God?

Week of December 3, 2003

Dec 3, 2003 at 4:00 am
John Colbert
Teacher, The College School
"It was November first, kayaking at the confluence of the Illinois and the Mississippi at Grafton. He was there in the limestone bluffs and wave patterns."

Patty Hofer
Volunteer Coordinator, Nancy Farmer for U.S. Senate
"Saturday night at the African Extravaganza sponsored by the African Refugee and Immigration organization -- all these people of different religions came together in a school cafeteria and held a gathering with African and American food. We're very thankful that they chose to come to St. Louis and live with us, and they're happy to be here. And I saw God in these people helping each other, celebrating the richness of their new country."

Shawn Jacobs
Owner, Cicero's Italian Restaurant
"It was when I was ridin' my Harley, going down the road at about 95 miles an hour, and I thought, 'If I don't slow this thing down real quick, I will definitely see God.' So I decided to slow down and live the rest of my life."

Stephanie O'Donnell
Receptionist, D-Zine Hair & Art Studio
"Last Sunday on the Arizona Cardinals' football field, when the Rams kicked that field goal to win the game."

Daniel Williams
Student, Webster University
"Last time I saw God was right when I stopped believing in Him, when I got old enough to think for myself and stop believing everything my Christian family told me. I can't believe in something that I don't have proof for. And my mom would say, 'Well, how can you believe in the Big Bang or in evolution?' I don't necessarily believe everything those theories say, but there's more evidence in those than in God or the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. I think that's all just a crutch."

Jacqueline Williams
Scrabble Enthusiast
"When you find Him, let me know. I definitely want to meet Him. But He's still hiding. I was reading in the newspaper, the Enquirer, about they thought they had found parts of Noah's Ark down in the Black Sea and God was down there, too. He looked like a big jellyfish or something. Last time I seen Him was in the Enquirer, if you want to be real about it."