When's the Last Time You Were Totally Freaked Out?

Week of March 17, 2004

Montie Newsom
Barista, South Grand Coffee House
"A month ago when my daughter decided to open the door by herself and go up the steps -- she's two. While I went to get her sippy cup, she stood on her toy, unlocked the latch and opened the door. I came back, saw the door open, and I'm calling, 'Zoe! Zoe!' She'd gone all the way up to the third-floor landing, up the steps by herself. That freaked me out!"

Reginald Ray Savage
Choreographer/Instructor, Oakland (California) School of the Arts
"I'm not easily freaked out. I'm a fan of Mae West, and I love her quote: 'Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.' I feel that nothing about human experience should be shocking. That's the creed I live by, so I've learned to accept people as opposed to judge them. So what can be shocking about someone doing their thing?"

Chrystal Jackson
Watercolor Painter
"It was last year, but I wasn't unhappy about it. I was delighted! I went to the Sade concert at the Savvis [Center], and when I came out there were all these lights in my face and people talking to me. And then, a couple weeks later, a friend called to say that he'd seen me on Sade's DVD. So I got the DVD and there I am, three different times, talking about her wonderful career. Now I tell everyone I'm traveling all over the world with Sade."

Chris Benson

"Recently, when I found out my wife had started smoking cigarettes. After two years of not smoking, she decided she wanted to smoke again. It freaked me out because I said I would never marry anybody who smoked. It's a disgusting habit and, you know, you have your beliefs and you feel betrayed when somebody does that to you."

Tina Gray
Bartender, The Crossing
"It totally freaked me out a while back when I found out that Liv Tyler was actually Steven Tyler's daughter. I mean, they're total opposites. I'm amazed how someone that pretty could come from him. She's perfect and he's hideous; go figure."

Jennifer Ancona
Massage Therapist
"It was a couple weeks ago when I caught my boyfriend wearing my clothes and my heels. We live together and I came home unexpectedly. He was standing at the mirror and he had on my fishnet stockings and a tight black dress. Yeah, and I was very freaked out -- we both were freaked out."

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