Where Do Your Values Come From?

Lee Brandon
Office Cleaner, Archway Maintenance

"From my people, I guess, but they're all dead now. I'm the only one that's living."

Jan Simpson
Office Manager, Mary Ann Sedey & Associates

"I was raised in a very strict Baptist church -- no smoking, no drinking, no dancing. Of course, I'm no longer a Baptist."

Kevin Turnbull
Cook, DeeDee's Rooster Cafe

"I guess my girlfriend. She kinda straightened me up. I used to stay out all hours of the night, go to bars, get crazy as a coot, and now I don't do nothin' -- except fish."

Tajuana Martin
Bartender, Laclede Street Bar & Grill

"They didn't come from my mom, I'll tell you that. And my dad is out of the picture. I guess it's whatever I enjoy doing. I get one value every year I grow, so I'll have a whole bunch by the time I'm 30."

Dave Greer
Stagehand, Local 6

"Twelve years of Catholic school and a hardworking father who explained to us that money had to be earned. We all had jobs when we were kids -- cut grass, shoveled driveways, painted houses -- and the underlying value there was that when you take people's money, you do a job. If it's harder than you thought it was, you don't start asking for extras here and there, you charge more next time. Once you shake hands the deal is made and you have to live with it."

LaVonda Whitley
Certified Diva

"My values, hmmm? My values come from alcoholics, prostitutes, pot smokers, drug dealers and South Park. I'm a well-rounded individual."

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